Failed Friday


In almost a month of blog writing, I haven’t missed a Friday. This beloved day of the week is quickly becoming one of my favourite days to write.

Sadly, today will be the first Friday in NFred history where I don’t write. Well technically I’m writing at this very moment, but I digress…

This week has been so insanely busy, I’ve barely had time to blow my nose. Dealing with the packing and the organizing and the purging and the highs and lows of my children’s moving anxieties has left me totally drained.

Tonight is the last official night in my old home. My wonderful husband and mother-in-law are were like two insane work horses on steroids today and got a massive amount of moving done while I was a work. Everything is finally starting to fall into place and I couldn’t be more relieved.

My children are sleeping at my parent’s house and I could be working on the final packing or cleaning or writing the next great Canadian novel, but I’m forgetting all of that and choosing to sit on my arse and do absolutely nothing instead. That’s right. I’m going to sit on my ugly red chair and drink beer and drool over Gordon Ramsey on TV. You read that correctly. I have a thing for the arrogant British chef and I’m not ashamed.

It feels so amazing to just sit here and not have to do anything. It’s bliss and decadence and joy all rolled into one. It’s blisadenceoy.

I apologize for this muddled post. It’s probably my worst one yet, hence today is officially dubbed Failed Friday.

At least I wrote something, right?

And I made up a word…


I should contact the Webster people ASAP because that is one amazing word. It just rolls off the tongue.


Try using it in a sentence…

This chocolate cake is divine. It’s pure blisadenceoy.

Hanging out with you brings blisadenceoy to my day.

Gordon Ramsey makes me feel blisadenceoyously in my heart.

I’m going to get myself another beer because I desire to bring more blisadenceoy to this evening.

I wish you all a blisadenceoyously wonderful evening.

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2 thoughts on “Failed Friday

  1. Melissa says:

    I hope your move goes blissadenceoyously! xo

  2. phorever phan, Phather says:

    For Haiku – just fabulous

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