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NFred’s Delicious Little Secret.

I couldn’t quite place her, but I knew that she looked familiar.

It was at my son’s hockey evaluations a few weeks ago. She was registering the kids as they arrived at the arena.

“What’s your name, Honey”, she asked my son. He answered and she sweetly told him which dressing room to use and wished him good luck.

As I sat shivering  in the stands, watching my son play, it suddenly came to me.


A few years ago while working at The Toy Shop, I had a customer who was very upset with the quality of our free gift wrapping service. I remember that she bought an item and asked to have it wrapped. As I was removing the price tags, she went off on an unprovoked rant about how poorly wrapped her previous purchase had been and that she had to redo the whole thing HERSELF in her car because she was too embarrassed to give such a horrible looking gift. I apologised and took extra care to fluff the tissue and curl the ribbon to perfection. When I asked her if it looked okay, she rolled her eyes, snatched the bag from my hands and said, “I’ll do it myself” before storming out of the store.

It was one of the most perplexing customer interactions I’ve ever had in my entire retail career. How could someone be so upset about a totally optional and completey FREE service?

I sat there in the stands, my butt frozen and fingers numb and I smiled. As if this was the same woman who just called my son “Honey”! What I delicious little secret I had.

And the best part?

I’ve seen her on a weekly basis at the rink ever since.


Needless to say, I’ve been a little guarded in my interactions with her. I’m cautiously waiting for her inner asshat to escape.

In all fairness, I don’t know this woman. She could lead a very difficult life. But there’s just something about people who aren’t cordial to those in customer service jobs. Your server, cashier, the person that pumps your gas are all paid to help you in one way or another. However, being outlets for your misplaced anger is NOT part of their job description.

Anyhoo, it’s going to be an interesting hockey season to say the least! Last week I made sure to wear my staff shirt to see if she’d say anything, but no dice.

Who knows, maybe we’ll become friends and one day we’ll laugh about her inner asshat?!?!!? It’s not likely, but you never know….life is full of surprises…

Thanks for reading,






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Paragraph 16: NFred Comes Clean.

justin beiber

I’ve been hiding something from those close to me for quite some time.

It’s been weighing heavily on me and it’s getting harder and harder to keep inside.

I think it’s time I come clean for the sake of my own sanity.

Here goes…


I’m a huge Justin Bieber fan.


I understand if your opinion of me changes, but holy crap have you listened to his new music? It’s seriously SO GOOD.

And let me set the record straight. No, I don’t have “feelings” for Justin Bieber. Sure, he’s pretty to look at, but he doesn’t send me into a tizzy like some of my other celebrity crushes…like…I don’t know…Alex Trebek for example.

With Justin Bieber, it’s all about the music. It’s so darn catchy! And the fact that he’s doing so well after a couple of “iffy” years, makes my mom heart swell with pride.

In fact, I think Justin Bieber could benefit from some of my serious momming. A little disciple and tough love would go a long way in ensuring that he continues to make fun songs that I can sing along with while driving my mini van.

What a relief to get that off my chest!

Oh and what’s that? You feel the same way?!?!?!?

I knew I wasn’t the only one!!!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,







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