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Paragraph # 27: Watch’n Videos.



Remember when MuchMusic and MTV actually aired music videos?

Oh man, those were the days!

I used to tape Much Mega Hits on the old VCR and replay my faves over and over.

I’d learn the lyrics, memorize the choreography and basically rock out with my totally radical preteen self.

Well hold on to your scrunchies because I recently discovered that MuchMusic has a little program called the Friday Night Dance Party where for a whole, glorious TWO HOURS they play nothing but Top 40 music videos!!!

I could literally sit here on my couch, contently watching music videos for the rest of my life.

I don’t know why I love them so much. Maybe because they’re so freak’n random? And nonsensical? And quirky? And ridiculous? And thought provoking? And confusing?

I’ve watched at least a dozen videos tonight and here are some of the highlights;

-Joe Jonas singing while a group of bikini clad women and one chubby gentleman in a Speedo passionately threw chunks of vanilla cake at each other.

-Zayn, formally of One Direction, crying black tears and making out with a model while their heads swirled around in nausea inducing kaleidoscope patterns.

-A girl sitting on a chair, alone in an empty room, emoting deeply to the camera about an ex-lover. She was really sad and I think all she needed was a hug and a home cooked meal.

-A wedding in a country bar between a bleach blond Barbie type and a man with enormous buck teeth who was at least twice her age. Among the wedding guests were a bald man wearing denim overalls with NOTHING underneath and a K.D. Lang look-a-like who owned the dance floor with some killer line dancing moves.

-A gang of dudes on skateboards who all had their faces wrapped in tensor bandages for some reason that I’m not hip enough to understand.

-Justin Bieber getting his stomach licked and then being kidnapped by some guys in creepy masks who brought him and his lady friend to a skate park where they all danced and did sick skate board tricks together.



Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more videos to watch.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,




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