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Trick or Carrot Stick! Our First Diabetic Halloween.

Santa filled his stocking with socks, underwear and Pokemon cards.

The Easter Bunny left Lego around the house instead of chocolate.

Sugar Free Jell-O has become his staple dessert at birthday parties.

But what do you do with your diabetic child on Halloween? A holiday that revolves around candy?

My boy is excited to go Trick or Treating in his new Storm Trooper costume. He’s pumped to run around in the dark with his brother, sister and friends. But he keeps asking me what we’re going to do about the candy and my only answer so far has been “we’ll worry about it on Halloween”.


Clearly I need some help…and fast!

Sam’s one year diabetes anniversary is on November twenty-fourth. This will be our first rodeo having a diabetic child on Halloween. Because he’s on injections of both slow and fast acting insulin twice daily, he needs to eat a regimented amount of carbohydrates at certain times throughout the day. So what does that have to do with Halloween?


Halloween is all about running wildly from door to door while pigging out on candy. It’s about staying up late and bending the rules when it comes to bedtimes and proper nutrition.


Maybe I could go around to all of the houses in my neighbourhood and ask them to offer carb free, diabetic friendly foods like veggies, meat or cheese to the Trick or Treaters instead of candy? And while I’m at it, I’ll ask all of the kids to say “Trick or Carrot Stick” instead of Trick or Treat?

Clearly I’m delirious.

As I sit here and stress about ways to include my son in all of the Halloween fun, my husband comes up with a plan.

“Sam, how about Mom and Dad buy your Halloween candy from you and then you can use the money to get yourself something special? Like a new Lego set?”

“Really? So I can still Trick or Treat?”

“Of course,” my husband replies with a smile.

What just happened here? Did my husband just solve our Halloween dilemma?

“Sam, you’re sure you’re okay with not eating candy with your brother and sister?” I ask to make sure he fully understands.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Oh and maybe I could donate the money to the JDRF instead of getting Lego?”

What? Who is this kid?

“That’s a terrific idea” I say as my heart swells with pride.

As a parent of a diabetic child, all I want for my son is to be included. Whether it be soccer, hockey, class potlucks or Trick or Treating, I simply want him to know that having diabetes won’t stop him from doing anything that he did before his diagnosis. Sure, we might have to get a little creative, but nothing is impossible. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year it’s that my son is ridiculously resilient.

I’m still relatively new to the complex world of parenting a diabetic child and I would gladly welcome Halloween tips from any Type 1 parents out there! I’d love to know how  you make holidays and other special events inclusive for your kids. Feel free to let your suggestions fly in the comments! I think that my “Trick or Carrot Stick” idea is a pretty clear indication that I need all of the help that I can get!

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!

Your friend,











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An Open Letter To Halloween

sexy pizza

Dear Halloween,

Please stop making sexed up costumes of my most beloved childhood playthings.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to see a Sexy Care Bear or a Sexy Cabbage Patch Kid or a Sexy Rainbow Bright costume. It hurts my heart and puts a creepy, sexified vibe on my precious childhood toys. Also, I better not see anyone out Trick or Treating in a midriff baring My Little Pony costume. I will not allow my two year old daughter’s current obsession to be presented to her in an inappropriately sexed up manor. Besides, everyone knows that any self respecting pony covers up.

I understand that Halloween is the one night a year where it’s socially acceptable to let your freak flag fly, but why, WHY did you have to go and sex up Cheer Bear, Flavia Louise and Twink the Sprite? What was wrong with Sexy Cop or Sexy Witch or the always offensive Sexy Indian Princess costumes of yesteryear?

I also understand that nostalgia sells, but sexy nostalgia? Come on Halloween, you can do better. Do I have to remind you of the epic costume fails that were Sexy Pizza and Sexy Big Bird  and Sexy Granny? What happened to all of the whimsical, intelligent and pun based costumes that I so much adored? Is dressing up as a DEVILed Egg or a CEREAL Killer or Anne of Green Gables or The CN Tower or a Cat with a Bow Tie and Monocle  not cool anymore? Not Halloweeny enough for you, Halloween?

I say shame on you, Halloween. Shame on you for trying to completely sexify Halloween and for trying to steal the thunder from the real star of October Thirty-First; THE CANDY.




Listen Halloween, I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed in your choices. If you needed help coming up with fresh, new and inspiring Halloween costume ideas, you should have come to me!  I happen to be on the cusp of everything that’s “cool”. For instance, this year’s most popular and sure to wow Halloween costume requires nothing more than a plaid shirt and a distracted expression. Obviously I’m talking about dressing up as Steven Sears! OR, you could grab a friend and dress up as both Steven AND Susan sears! What a BRILLIANT and FUN and APPROPRIATE costume idea!

I have faith in you to tidy up your sexed up costume mess, Halloween. I believe in you and your candy.

Best regards,


P.S. If anyone dons a Sexy Steven or Sexy Susan Sears costume this year, take notice that I WILL FIND YOU and it won’t be pretty…

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