Let’s Write This Shit Already.

Since my self inflicted paragraph challenge ended a few months ago, I’ve been lost in the world of a thirteen year old girl.

This girl’s story has been floating around my noggin for years. Every time I try to get her out of my head and onto paper, something stops me.



Low self esteem?

It’s so stupid. I have dozens of outlines, unfinished chapters and random pages of dialogue on my computer and in old notebooks. Why don’t I just buckle down and write this shit already???


My goal for the last couple of years had been to write this story in its entirety and it has clearly never happened. There always seems to be something more important going on and it gets put on the back burner.

Today all that changes.

You see, I’m not getting any younger or any smarter. There is never going to be a perfect time to write this story, so why not now???


I will do my best to keep you updated on the blog about my progress and will share snippets of my work along the way.

And I’m sure I’ll need a break from all the fictitious thirteen year old girl drama that will be going on inside my head, so don’t be surprised to find some new NFred fodder up on the old blog real soon.

Here’s some random dialogue I worked on this morning that may or may not be part of the finished product. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing, but hey, at least I’m giving it a try, RIGHT?!?!?!

Thanks so much for reading and we’ll chat soon,




“How can somebody so tall be so bad at basketball?”

“What did you just say?”

“I think you heard me.”

“Pfft. Like you’re any good.”

“Oh, I know I suck. The problem is that you think you’re awesome.”

“Well only one of us here is on a school basketball team, so…”

“Oh please! That team is a joke.”

“Somebody sounds a little jealous.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Butt Face.”

“Butt Face? Real mature there, Chels.”

“Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror? Your face strongly resembles a butt.”

“Well I’d rather have a butt face than be dumped by my so called best friend.”

“…Nice, Dexter. Real nice.”

“Chelsea, wait! Don’t leave. I’m sorry. I say stupid stuff sometimes.”

“More like all the time.”

“I shouldn’t have said that. My butt face and I are total jerks.”

“It’s okay.”

“Besides, you’re way better off without Mia. She’s literally the worst.”

“Yeah, I know.”


“It’s fine. I mean it’s the truth. She literally is the worst. Did you know that she used to always take the cookies from my lunch at school?”


“Seriously. Every single day. And she always got mad at me if I got higher grades than her. Sometimes I’d purposely write down the wrong answers on tests just to make her happy”

“Okay, that’s dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I know, right? I can’t believe I let her treat me so bad for so long.”

“Me either. I think having her out of your life is a good thing. Now you’re fee to eat all the cookies you want!”

“I guess.”

“And most importantly, you’ll have more time to watch my sweet basketball skills.”

“You do know that the point of basketball is to actually get the ball in the net, right?”

“Thanks, Chels. Thanks, so much.”

“Listen, I better go. My sister’s bus will be here soon.”

“Want some company? I can come with you, if you want?”

“Sure. As long as you walk behind me. I don’t want to be seen in public with you when you’re wearing those shorts.”

“What! These shorts are the best.”

“Um, nope. They’re so bright that I bet you can see them from outer space.”

“You think you’re pretty funny, don’t you?”

“Oh, I know I am.”

“Fine. I’ll go change, but not because you want me to…because I’m…um…sweaty.”

“Gross. Hurry up, okay?”

“Okay. And I’m sorry for what I said.”

“Thanks, Dex. You’re a good friend.”

“You know, I could be more than a friend.”

“Are you trying to make me vomit?”

“Nice, real nice.”

“Just go change. We have to go.”

“Fine. But you’ll love me one day.”

“Don’t be weird, Dexter.”

“Unless you already love me?”

“Me? In love with your butt face? Gross.”

“Some people happen to  find my butt face rather cute.”

“Your mom doesn’t count, Dex.”











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