Paragraph #24: Let’s talk about pants.



When I was a teenager, I had a friend who insisted that wearing sweat pants in public was definitive proof that you had given up on life.

My how times have changed.

Gone are the days where donning your comfiest pair of Cotton Ginny, Beaver Canoe or Coconut Joe jogging pants in public was considered social suicide.

From sweats to leggings, the comfy pants of today couldn’t be more “en vogue”.

I’ve been thinking obsessively about pants since yesterday when I took a giant fashion leap and purchased my first pair of jeggings. I grabbed them off the rack and brought them to the change room on a whim and once I slid those bad boys on, I was sold. They were comfy as shit AND my muffin top totally didn’t spill out over the sides. I’m not sure what kind of witchcraft went into the making of those most magical pantaloons, but I was so blown away that I bought two pairs.

Since taking the leap into comfy yet work appropriate bottom wear, I started reminiscing about some of the amazing pant trends of yesteryear. I want SO BADLY for ALL of these to come back in style.

  1. Stirrup Pants. I’m not even going to lie…I had SO MANY pairs of stirrup pants. They were amazing. There was something exciting about having an elastic loop attached to the bottom of your pants. Did you hook that loop around the outside of your shoe like a rebel or did you neatly tuck it inside of your footwear? I was all about flaunting that stirrup on the outside of my shoe because I was a total badass, obviously.

  2. Tapered Pants. This was by far one of the most ridiculous fashion trends of the early nineties. Who thought it was a good idea to cinch your pants from the knee down? Did you fold your pants around super tight and hold them in place with safety pins? Or did your Mom sew you into your pants to achieve maximum tightness? I was more of a safety pin kind of girl. Sewing seemed like too much of a commitment and made changing into your gym clothes a nightmare.

  3. Tear Away Pants. You know who wore those? Cute boys. One of my first crushes had a pair. I used to fantasize about him ripping off those puppies in acts of both passion and athleticism.

Remember Harem pants? Elephant pants? Bell Bottoms? MC Hammer pants? Carpenter jeans? Button fly jeans that drew attention to your crotch?Clam Diggers? Petal Pushers? Super baggy pants that exposed your boxer shorts? Super low rise pants that exposed your thong? Flood pants? Raver pants?


Do you have a favourite?

OMG! I almost forgot denim overalls worn with only ONE strap. So hip circa the Saved By The Bell years.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,


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