Paragraph #23: Weird Day.


What a weird day.

Started off with witnessing an older gentleman lose his shit at Walmart because the lines were too long. I stared from my line as he swore and yelled at his cashier to hurry up. It was spectacular.

When it was my turn to pay, my cashier chatted my ear off about all of the rude and inconsiderate people she encounters daily. We bonded while she rang in my groceries. I told her to keep her chin up and she called me a sweetheart. She might be my new BFF.

When I went to work this afternoon, I had a customer ask me if we sold a particular board game. When I told her we were out of stock but that I could order it in for her, she asked if I could get the Bible version. When I told her no, we didn’t carry the Bible version, she asked me to show her other games. She seemed really into this rad matching game I recommended, until she noticed that there was a ghost involved. She told me that was unacceptable. I showed her a few other things and then I let her peruse the store. She came to my cash several minutes later, pumped to buy a book with dozens of Cootie Catchers (fortune telling game for kids) inside. She made her purchase, said “God Bless You” and left.

Bible board game?

Ghosts are taboo but not fortune telling?


Then my work computer crashed and while I miraculously fixed it, my co-worker almost electrocuted herself.

What a weird day.

I’m so thankful that there was beer in my fridge when I got home.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,







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2 thoughts on “Paragraph #23: Weird Day.

  1. Shailaja V says:

    You did have a weird day! Wow, people are mean when they’re in a hurry, aren’t they?

    Oh and you’re pretty šŸ˜€

  2. Anonymous says:

    For a religious person to disapprove of entertainment that included a ghost but then be jazzed about one that’s all about withcraft…I mean…doesn’t she realize that she could be burned at the stake? Or is that a stoning offense? Let me check my Leviticus …

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