Paragraph #20: Silver Sensation.

silver sensation.png

Why isn’t the term “Silver Fox” applied to both men and women? I don’t understand. I have grey hair and I’m certainly a fox. I mean, I might not be as dashing as Anderson Cooper but who is, really?!

I think it’s about time that a complimentary term be developed for all the ladies out there who let their grey hair shine.

Grey Goddesses?

Silver Sensations?

Fabulously Frosted Females?

Snowy Haired Heroines?

AND look how easily these grey hair positive terms fall into everyday conversation;


“Have you met my Mom? She’s the Fabulously Frosted Female over there drinking wine.”


“OMG! I love your hair. You’re a straight up Grey Goddess!”


“Have you seen NFred lately? She’s totally sending out some serious Silver Sensation vibes.”


“My mother-in-law is a hardcore Snowy Haired Heroine.”

So easy! So fun! So positive! 

After some reflection, I supposed it’s okay if the Anderson Coopers of the world reserve the term “Silver Fox” for themselves. Why the change of heart you ask? Because it’s like a million times cooler to be called a heroine or a sensation or a fabulous female or a goddess! (Imagine me dropping a mic right here.)

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

NFred. (AKA Silver Sensation)











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