Paragraph #19: Push Presents.


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I just read an article on Facebook about push presents. What’s a push present you ask? Apparently it’s a gift a woman receives after birthing a baby.  The article suggested a list of ten push presents that a mom to be might ask her partner, friends or family to purchase upon the arrival of a new baby. Some of the items on the list included personally engraved jewellery, an eighty five dollar scarf, a new cell phone and a four hundred dollar casserole dish.

This article made me want to vomit.

I would like to begin by saying that I have absolutely given new moms gifts. A box of chocolates, some gossip magazines, a onesie for the baby, that kind of thing. It was my choice to gift a couple of little goodies in celebration of the new baby. No mom to be that I’ve ever known has given me a list of gift ideas for HERSELF as a form of congratulations for pushing out a baby. Why? Because it’s tacky and materialistic and most importantly, the women that I have been lucky enough to know when they became mothers knew that a fucking casserole dish could never compete with getting the ultimate gift of a REAL HUMAN BABY.

Furthermore, after the birth of my three children, as I held them to my sweaty, bloody body for the first time, do you think that I was concerned about an eighty five dollar scarf or a new cell phone? Fuck no.

That stupid push present article really hit a nerve.

I’m all riled up.

Maybe I’ll feel better if I gift myself with some engraved jewellery in celebration of pushing out this paragraph???

B A R F!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,




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One thought on “Paragraph #19: Push Presents.

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a mom of 5 and impatiently waiting baby six (4 days late) there is one gift I always appreciate after having a baby. People coming to visit and they come with a meal. But how is a new cell phone or scarf practical? I’m home for the next while, call me at home. And do they make scarves that match pjs? Since that’s all I’ll be wearing for the next year. And is there anything less practical than jewelry? I don’t get it. But if you’re in the giving mood right now, can you send me some baby vibes? IT has got to come out!

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