Paragraph # 11: Four Funny Things About Today.

laughing horses

  1. My four year old daughter brought Canadian Tire money to school for show and tell.

  2. I saw a group of hardcore mall walkers decked out with giant backpacks and ski poles when I arrived at work this morning. They looked like they were ready to embark on an epic hike, not a walk around a suburban mall. Also, the act of walking with ski poles is officially called “exerstriding”. I think I’ve found my new favourite word.

  3. I was organizing the anatomically correct animal figurines at the store and giggled like a twelve year old boy every time I saw a teeny tiny horse penis.

  4. A customer offered me a Mentos and I tried to decline but she insisted. Then she wouldn’t leave until I ate it. It was awkward.

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2 thoughts on “Paragraph # 11: Four Funny Things About Today.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very awkward! But maybe not as awkward if the customer had approached you while you were giggling like a twelve-year-old at the teeny tiny horse penises!

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