Paragraph #7: So Very Tired.

It’s been the longest day ever. An eight hour shift at the toy shop followed by my son’s hockey game across town.

I am so done and so ready to sit on my couch like a sloth and watch crap TV while simultaneous drinking beer and pounding chocolate into my mouth until I fall asleep.

But before I can do that, I have to fufill my paragraph promise. I am so committed to writing every day that I’m actually banging out this paragraph on my freak’n cell phone, in my freak’n van on the way home from freak’n hockey. If that’s not commitment then I’ll eat my hat!

But I’m tired. So very tired. My eyes are burning, my body’s vibrating and I feel more delirious than usual.

All I’m going to leave you with tonight is my sincere apology for paragraph seven being so lame and the promise of better writing tomorrow.

I hope you’re all having some wicked cozy couch time this weekend.

See you tomorrow,




One thought on “Paragraph #7: So Very Tired.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sticking to your commitment! Way to go NFred!

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