Paragraph #3: Stitches


One of the strangest things I’ve ever done is bring stitches to school for show and tell.

When I was in grade two, my older brother clocked me in the head with a toy canoe paddle. The result was a gnarly gash that required stitches. I’m guessing that the dissolving kind weren’t a thing in the eighties because I clearly remember having to go to the doctor’s office to get them removed. When he was done, I asked if I could keep them. I was delighted when he handed me the three navy blue stitches that had previously been in my head. The next day, I wrapped them in tissue, stuffed them in my pocket and brought them to school. I remember feeling like a total bad ass as I showed them to my class. I was nothing but confident as I explained to them how the stitches kept my brain from falling out the hole that my brother had made in my head.

I was a weird kid…and slightly creepy…okay VERY creepy!!!








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