Last week, I spotted the most amazing t-shirt on display in a store window at the mall where I work. It was black, short sleeved and adorned with a plethora of hipster cats wearing glasses. It was the ideal t-shirt for me as I am both a lover of cats and a wearer of glasses.

Filled with glee, I ran into the store to further inquire about my new favourite t-shirt. When I asked the salesperson if I could try one on in a large or extra-large she said that it only came in men’s sizes.







Having birthed three babies and still being in possession of both a mom belly and mom boobs, I knew my sweet mom-bod wouldn’t be comfortable in a t-shirt tailored to suit a man’s physique. Fighting the sting of disappointment, I asked the salesperson if they had any cat t-shirts for women. She said that no, they did not.








Dejected, I thanked the salesperson for her help and decided to peruse the women’s section of the store. What I found filled me with white hot rage…

The only t-shirts for women were plastered with motivational quotes and words such as;


“Live. Laugh. Love.”



“Follow your bliss.”


Confused, I went back over to the men’s section of the store to see if they carried motivational t-shirts for bros.

I searched and searched and all I found was three more cat themed t-shirts, a t-shirt with a bear dressed as an astronaut on it and a t-shirt covered with cartoon drawings of pizza slices.








In the days since discovering the world’s most prrrrrfect cat t-shirt, I’ve done some intense investigating. I’ve been to Walmart, Old Navy, Giant Tiger and countless clothing stores at two different malls in my city and have come to the conclusion that t-shirts that are made for men are “silly” and “fun” while ones made for women are “motivational” and “pretty”.

This offends me deeply.


Because I’m a 36 year old woman and I want fun t-shirts too, dammit! I have never worn or will never wear a pretty t-shirt with cursively written motivational words plastered across my boobs.




And that’s my choice.


Because I don’t need a t-shirt to inspire me or to tell me how to live my life.

I don’t need a t-shirt to be pretty.

All I need is a t-shirt that fits well, is comfortable and makes me happy.

And what would make me happy is having the opportunity to wear a bespectacled hipster cat t-shirt. After all, if a man can wear one, why can’t I? And what about all the men out there pining for “pretty” t-shirts? What will become of them???

It’s time to end the sexist division of “fun” and “pretty” in the t-shirt industry. People should be allowed to CHOOSE what they want on their t-shirts rather than having that choice MADE for them based on their private parts.

ALL t-shirts should be AVAILABLE for EVERYONE. 







Hugs and kisses and thanks for reading,




***On a totally unrelated note, if this writing thing doesn’t work out, I could totally see myself designing motivational t-shirts for bros. 













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