Decorative Frames Are Not AWESOME.




Tomorrow, my husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.




I’m quite proud of this milestone and feel that my husband deserves a gold medal and a parade for sticking with me for an entire decade. Being married to me is no walk in the park. I’m messy, unorganized, forgetful and I do not excel in the field of housework. My husband is neat and tidy, remembers important things like paying bills and is chronically on time for absolutely everything. We’re pretty much exact opposites.


I guess Paula Abdul was right all along.


As excited as I am to celebrate my anniversary, I’m finding myself somewhat stressed about my husband’s gift. The problem is, I have no idea what to get him. I’m completely devoid of ideas. I usually get him a pair of funky socks and a bag of Swedish Berries for special occasions, but I feel like ten years deserves more than foot covers and red gelatin. I simply need to come up with something that perfectly represents our marriage, encapsulates my deep feelings of love for my husband and is so awesome that it totally blows his mind.


Last week, I perused a couple of shops to get some gift inspiration. Sadly, nothing screamed AWESOME HUSBAND GIFT . Tired of shopping, I went to the Google and searched AWESOME TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIFTS FOR HUSBANDS and was horrified at the results. According to the Google, I’m supposed to make my husband a romantic coupon book or write him a poem and put it in a decorative frame or make a personalized t-shirt with all of the reasons why I love him scrolled across the back.


B A R F.


Did Google employ a gaggle of twelve year old girls to come up with those cheese ball ideas?


Since the Google failed me, I went over to the Pinterest. They suggested more of the same garbage like arranging a photo shoot with my husband in a wooded area surrounded by random objects in groups of ten, making ten patio lanterns out of tin cans or printing the lyrics of our wedding song in a whimsical font and then, you guessed it, putting that masterpiece in a decorative frame. Pinterest also suggested a trip to Belize, which I thought was an excellent idea, until I remembered that we’re poor.


Here’s the thing. I’m not big on huge romantic gestures and neither is my husband. We don’t need the poems and the photo shoots and the decorative frames because in the grand scheme of our marriage, none of that matters.


All that really matters is love.


I’d choose hanging out with my husband, drinking beer and watching Game of Thrones, over a decorative frame any day.


So why am I so hell bent on getting him a gift?


Because he’s AWESOME.


How awesome is he? Let me list the ways…


1.   He enjoys crap shows on TLC as much as I do.

2.   He does the laundry.

3.   He’s a ninja on the BBQ.

4.   He’s a ridiculously good father.

5.   He spontaneously dances to TV theme songs.

6.   His jokes are so bad that they’re actually good.

7.   He sometimes hides coffee money for me to discover in my work shoes.

8.    He’s handy to have around when I break stuff.

9.    He has an insanely good sense of direction.

10.  He always knows when I need chocolate.


Time is running out!


I have until dinner tomorrow night…so stressful!


Why does my husband have to be so darn awesome???


If he just sucked a little more, this would be easy peasy.


If you have any AWESOME gift ideas, that don’t include decorative frames, please feel free to share in the comments!


Sending you love and sunshine, NOT in a decorative frame,




P.S. In case you didn’t get my AMAZING Paula Abdul joke…



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One thought on “Decorative Frames Are Not AWESOME.

  1. France says:

    I hope you came up with something. I just wanted to comment on your list of why he’s awesome. #7! That is the best thing ever! How do you top that?

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