Are You A Jerk? A Poem by NFred.




Are you a jerk?

Do you do jerky things?

Do you answer your cellphone whenever it rings?

Regardless if you’re at the movies or a funeral?

Would you chat away while using a urinal?


Are you a jerk?

Do you often act rude?

Does dealing with people sour your mood?

Are you mean to servers, clerks and cashiers?

Do you use them as targets for eye rolls and jeers?


Are you a jerk?

Do you regularly litter?

Do you leave pee on the seat after using the shitter?

Do you use all the paper and not tell a soul,

just to avoid changing the roll?


Are you a jerk?

Maybe you are?

Do you get filled with rage while driving your car?

Do you flip off old grannies who drive too slow?

Honk at pedestrians while screaming “GO, GO GO”?



If you’re a jerk,

then I’m sad to say,

you’ll surely turn into an asshat one day.

If becoming an asshat fills you with fear,

then take a seat and lend me your ear.


There is a cure for being a jerk,

and it doesn’t even take that much work.

Simply be kind to those you encounter,

smile and be courteous when engaging in banter.


There’s one more thing that I need to say,

if you’re a jerk,

you must not delay,

get your head out of your ass  TODAY.






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3 thoughts on “Are You A Jerk? A Poem by NFred.

  1. Phorever Phan Pather says:

    On no, it’s true!
    I am a jerk, what to do?
    Confess! (in Haiku)

    You caught me by rhymn
    It’s fair, why make a fuss?
    Poetic Justice!

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