Sadness for Twerkgate

miley made me sad

Miley Cyrus’s MTV Video Music Awards performance has “rubbed” many people the wrong way.

Some are shocked.

Some are angry.

Some are disgusted.

Would you like to know how I feel?

I feel sad.

I’m sad that Miss Miley felt that she had to dance hump her way around the stage in order for people to take her seriously as a grown up artist.

I’m sad that the media isn’t all over Robin Thicke’s ass for thinking it was fine for a much younger girl to have simulated bum sex with him as thousands of people watched on in awkward horror. It kills me to think of Jason Seaver’s reaction.

I’m sad that Miley Cyrus is actually a pretty good singer and that nobody cares.

I’m sad that twelve year old girls watched the VMA’s and then went into their bedrooms after Miley’s performance to practice their “twerk”.

I’m sad that twelve year old boys watched the VMA’s and then went into their bedrooms after Miley’s performance believing that any girl dressed in revealing clothing “wants it” and it doesn’t matter if she’s a “good girl”.

I’m sad that the media is all over “Twerkgate” while there are much more important things happening in the world.


You know what will cheer me up? Serving myself a heaping bowl of ice cream and watching some Breaking Bad.

Walter White makes everything better.

Maybe he should have a chat with Miss Miley?

People seem to really listen to Heisenberg.


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8 thoughts on “Sadness for Twerkgate

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like your drawrings!!! Aaaaand you’re pretty.

  2. Mar says:

    I have read that Robin Thicke knew nothing about Miley’s intentions to twerk him. I believe he also regrets doing the song with her since her antics have taken away from his performance. There are also rumors that Miley was possibly on ecstasy and that that’s why she acted the way she did. Unfortunately the whole thing was a mess. I feel badly for her and wish she had enough faith in her ability as a singer to not have to go to these great lengths for attention. Enjoy Breaking Bad. I can promise you there will be no twerking.

    • NFred says:

      I would like to see Walter White twerk.
      I’m sure Robin Thiche knew all about it and is now backpedaling.
      You know who Miley should model her career after? Celine Dion. Now there’s a classy dame. She’s never twerked a day in her life and I bet she also stays far, far away from ecstacy.
      Thanks for your insightful comment and intel on the Twerkgate situation.

  3. Mom says:

    Well said.

  4. shawn Hill says:

    Probably the first writer to mash up Jason Seaver and twerking. Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:10:05 +0000 To:

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