Another List!


Three Things That I Find Funny This Morning Now That I’ve Had A Full Night’s Sleep.

1. My husband just peer pressured me into buying a second hand dining room set online. The funny part? It’s baby blue. Picture your grandparent’s out dated furniture from the 1980’s…this set embodies that style of decor. It’s so ugly, yet marvelous at the same time. If I were to dress up in a powder blue tuxedo and sit down at my new table, I would disappear.

2. Last night, as my eight year old was getting ready for bed, he lovingly looked at my gut and told me that I should work out. I fought back the urge to call him a jerk and asked him why he thought that and he replied, “look how chubby you are”! I glanced over at my husband who had gone a little pale as he abides by the cardinal rule of NEVER commenting on my weight. I plastered on a smile and asked my son, “don’t you love my chubb?” and he said yeah and gave me a hug and I had almost forgiven him until he said, “but you should really switch to work out mode”. If only there was a switch on my back that I could switch off of “chubster, sloth mode” to “super fit and motivated mode”. In my deliriously fatigued state last night, I almost cried. This morning, I find the whole thing hilarious. Out of the mouths of babes…

3. I was checking out my stats this morning and got so excited when I saw that someone from Korea read my blog. It didn’t say which Korea, it only showed the flag. Because I am geographically challenged, I was sure it was North Korea. I ran to the google to investigate and obviously I was wrong and it was South Korea. The funny part? The thought of Kim Jong Un reading about farts.

This list has been brought to you by NFred, Listologist.

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