Feline Friday


For the past couple of years, I’ve been entering and successfully losing a staggering amount of writing contests. Every time I discover that I haven’t won, I get all emotional and dramatic like a hormonal thirteen year old girl and say things like, “I’m never writing anything again…not even a grocery list”. It’s all very tragic for a few days until I get over myself and try again.

Today, I’m going to do something I have never done before. No, it’s not meth. I’m going to share one of my favourite  losing stories that I’ve ever written. It involves cats and crime fighting and I hope you like it.

Mindy-The-Cat: Crime Fighter.

I have an orange and white cat named Mindy. She is very cute. She loves to play with cat toys and to sleep on my lap. She is also a crime fighter.

Every night when the clock strikes twelve, Mindy carefully puts on her bright yellow cape that she keeps hidden under her cat bed. She then sneaks out of my bedroom window and scurries off into the night to meet up with her team of cat crusaders.

They gather inside my next door neighbour’s shed at twelve-fifteen sharp. Suzy, an enormous grey and white cat, assigns the nightly tasks. There are twelve cats on Mindy’s team. Suzy makes sure that they all work together to keep the neighbourhood safe. Mindy’s favourite tasks are park patrol and mouse protection. Most people think that cats like to eat mice, but nothing could be further from the truth! For centuries cats have kept mice safe from dangerous predators. In return, mice let cats play with their tails. Nothing makes a cat happier than spending a lazy afternoon batting their paws at a wiggly mouse tail.

Once Suzy has assigned all the tasks, the cats huddle together for the group cheer;

We are cats!

We are brave

We are cats!

We are smart

We are cats!

We are proud


Upon completion of the cheer, they give each other high fives and exchange a few meows before making their way out into the night.

Mindy and Zippy the black cat are assigned raccoon watch. It’s their job to make sure that raccoons don’t make huge messes by knocking over garbage cans in their neighbourhood. They do a quick patrol of the streets and spot two garbage cans sitting at the end of a driveway. They take cover behind an oak tree and wait for any signs of trouble. Not even two minutes later, they spot a raccoon lurking in the shadows. Mindy knows what has to be done. She instructs Zippy to keep watch while she quietly approaches the raccoon. When she is right behind him, she musters up all her courage and lets out an incredibly loud HISSSSS! The raccoon is so startled that he jumps up into the air and takes off running down the street. Mindy is proud of herself for being brave and for completing her nightly task. Zippy gives her a big congratulatory hug before they return to their houses.

I’m lucky I know all about Mindy’s crime fighting life. Once she invited me along. I helped her save a rabbit from getting sprayed by an angry skunk. It was very exciting. She even let me borrow her cape.

I used to think that cats were lazy because they slept so much during the day. Now I know why they need their rest. It’s hard work being a crime fighter. Just ask Mindy.

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2 thoughts on “Feline Friday

  1. nfrederick78 says:

    Momma Claire! You are hereby appointed as my new spell checker ! Thanks for pointing out the extra “o” in losing…twice!!! xoxoxo

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