Skip To The Good Parts

Remember Coles Notes?


Those little black and yellow books were pure gold. They pretty much cut my homework time in half, leaving me more time to watch TV and make secret late night phone calls to my grade eleven boyfriend. It was unfathomable to me why any of my class mates would actually read an entire novel. Like what sixteen year old wants to hunker down and read Wuthering Heights from cover to cover? Not me. I didn’t care about Catherine or Heathcliff and was content with my bare bones knowledge of their lives. I was all about spending the least amount of time doing what I was supposed to do so I could spend the maximum amount of time doing whatever I fancied. And really, who doesn’t want to live like that???

Imagine there were Coles Notes for your job? Housework? Taxes? Diets? You could put forth the least amount of effort doing all the mundane crap of everyday grown-up life and just skip to the good parts! This is sort of how I feel about this blog. I just want to write and create and have fun, but I still have no idea what I’m doing. And there’s this video I should be watching to tell me what all these icons mean, but I don’t waaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa. I could spend my time doing way cooler things, like watching my fave YouTube video of a great white shark taking a massive dump. Have you seen this?

You’re welcome.

I have three hours before I have to go to work and all my children are at my mom’s house. I have no excuses. I should watch the video. I really should…

Maybe I’ll just watch a few more shark videos first…and have more coffee…and watch some TV…

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2 thoughts on “Skip To The Good Parts

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love to laugh and I love your blog! Will return again soon! 🙂

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